Auto Accidents in Chicago and Surrounding area

Personal injury lawsuits such as those arising from a Chicago auto accident are usually third-party, common law cases. There are three conditions that you need to prove as a plaintiff in order to win an auto accident lawsuit in Chicago and recover damages:

  • A duty was owed to you
  • The party you are bringing the claim against breached that duty
  • There is a causal connection between the breach of that duty, the damages that you sustained and the Chicago auto accident injury you suffered
    Once those are established you have to prove the nature and extent of your damages or the dollar amounts to which you are entitled.

What You Can Do to Help Your Auto Accident Case
Gather as much accurate contact information as you can from witnesses to your auto accident in Chicago. This is essential because it is often necessary to verify a client’s account of what occurred. Each witness will have a different piece of the puzzle to help a good Chicago auto accident lawyer build a clear picture of what happened.

Accurately gather all information pertaining to your auto accident injury in Chicago, including:

  • Names of medical providers
  • Dates of consultations
  • Copies of bills
  • Any additional documentation that describes the repercussions of the accident
    In a personal injury, or third-party tort case, you typically have two years from the date of the injury to pursue a Chicago auto accident lawsuit. Sometimes those injured wait to contact a lawyer until they feel they have all the information they will need for their cases, but time is of the essence. It is important to see a good auto accident attorney in Chicago immediately following the accident, even before all the details become available. If the case involves a serious injury, you can be sure the other party is doing the same.

In personal injury cases, we often receive calls from people who have had little experience with Chicago auto accidents. They have never hired an auto accident lawyer in Chicago and are afraid that other people might view them as litigious. The truth is that nobody who is logical, reasonable, and mature is going to judge you for exercising your right to pursue compensation when you are seriously injured.

When wrongful or reckless conduct of another causes you serious injury or results in the death of a loved one, we invite you to contact the Chicago auto accident attorneys at Howard & Nemoy using our e-mail form. Or call our law firm to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

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