Common Misconceptions About Worker’s Compensation in Chicago

Especially in workers compensation cases and Claims, many people are afraid of their employers.
You might think that even if you are hurt badly, that your employer will fire you or retaliate in some way if you file a claim for worker compensation.

This is not the case at all. Most employers know that they can’t retaliate or fire you for filing a claim against them. If somebody is fired because they exercised their Constitutional right to bring a workers compensation claim, that employer that fired them is subject to a lawsuit for a tort that’s known as Retaliatory Discharge in which the damages are trebled.

Sometimes people who are seriously injured in workplace accidents have misgivings about going to a lawyer to pursue their rights. Nobody is going to think poorly of them because they do it. If you are seriously injured in an accident and cannot work, you really don’t have much choice, because you’re without income. You’re running up large medical debts and and oftentimes facing the possibility that you’ll be permanently disabled and not being able to pursue your normal activities as you’ve become accustomed.

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