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Washington DC Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages
The District of Columbia now recognizes same-sex marriages under a law, which took effect on July 7, 2009. The law gives marital status to gay and lesbian couples who were legally married in other states and countries.

Child Abuse and Neglect: What’s In a Name?
Could your child be removed from your home due to child abuse or neglect based on the name you gave him? Child abuse or neglect includes exposing a child to a substantial risk of harm, and at least one forensic psychologist is of the opinion that a negative or controversial name can amount to abuse.

If you are planning on remarrying, you should be aware of past obligations, such as child support and alimony, which could affect your relationship with your new spouse. There may be a waiting period and proof of termination of any prior marriages might be required.

Getting a Background Check before Getting Married
It’s a sad but not uncommon scenario: Someone gets married and only later finds out that her new spouse has a criminal history or has an ex-wife. It should be the happiest time of your life, and to keep it that way, you might want to consider getting a background check before getting married.

Ask a Lawyer: Need to Stop Child Support for Adult Child
What should I do if my son is out of school and child support was to stop May 30th and did not?

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