Latest Cases

Since 1989, the Illinois law firm of Howard & Nemoy has helped thousands of individuals who sustained serious injury and families who lost a loved one in personal injury and wrongful death accidents.

Our attorneys have won significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients for medical expense, pain, suffering and rehabilitative care at jury trials, arbitration, as well as through mediation.

Some examples of our success include:

Verdict: $4.2 million
Wrongful death of a 42-year old insurance executive killed by a hit and run dumpster truck in downtown Chicago.

Verdict: $1.2 million
Wrongful death of 68-year old man who died while receiving spinal anesthesia before prostate surgery in a Chicago hospital.

Verdict: $252,000
Wrongful death of a 30-year old man who drove across an unprotected rural grade crossing in front of an approaching train.

Settlement: $2 million
Spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia in a 24-year old DuPage County man whose pick-up truck was struck by an illegally passing vehicle.

Settlement: $1.6 million
Cerebral palsy in a premature infant born at 26 weeks gestation because hospital and physician failed to obtain a perinatal consultation for mother with incompetent cervix and bulging bag of waters.

Settlement: $900,000
Wrongful death of a 57-year old man who died following gall bladder surgery in a Chicago hospital.

Settlement: $730,000
Traumatic amputation of left arm of a 58-year old mechanic who extended his arm to remove his jacket while standing too close to an unshielded industrial ventilation fan.

Settlement: $427,000
Wrongful death of a 22-year old woman whose uterus was perforated during an outpatient pregnancy termination.

Settlement: $200,000 (policy limits)
Wrongful deaths of a retired couple killed in a head-on collision.

Settlement: $200,000
Wrongful death of a 72-year old WW II veteran whose lung cancer was misdiagnosed by Veteran’s Hospital radiologist.

Settlement: $170,000
Herniated disc in a 38-year old Will County man whose vehicle was struck in the rear by tour bus with defective brakes.

Settlement: $150,000
Unwanted sexual contact by an employer.

Settlement: $150,000
Head injury in a 60 year old visually impaired woman who fell while trying to sit on a backless bench in a warehouse club store.

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