Do I have a Case? – Personal Injury Attorneys

Do I have a Case? – Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many factors that attorneys look at when determining whether you have a good personal injury case. Some of the factors are;(1) who is at fault; (2) the nature and extent of injuries in the case; (3) insurance policies; (4) the nature and extent of property damage if any; and (5)witnesses to the accident. Other factors attorney’s look at are the nature and extent of your communications with the insurance company before you have retained an attorney. Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies look at the above factors, along with many other factors.

Insurance companies know one thing to be true; if a party to a personal injury case presents a claim to them, and is not represented by an attorney, “they have a sucker on their hands.” They know that in the vast majority of cases where a personal injury victim is not represented by a lawyer, that the person will not know what their legal rights are, or what they are legally entitled to collect in a personal injury case.

In these types of situations were you present a claim to insurance company without legal representation, you will most often be presented with a lowball settlement offer, or no settlement offer at all. Do not expect the insurance companies to voluntarily pay you top dollar for your case, or educate you about the benefits that you’re entitled to. It’s just not going to happen.

Most attorneys will handle your personal injury case on a contingency basis, once they have determined that you have a good chance of obtaining a settlement or a judgment in your case. A contingency fee, is a fee that is based upon a percentage of the total settlement or judgment in your case. The alternative to a contingency fee in a personal injury case, is paying a lawyer his hourly fee for representing you which can be anywhere from approximately $200 per hour to $400 per hour or more. Obviously, the contingency fee is used in the vast majority of car accident cases, so that you do not have to pay any money out of your pocket unless the attorney recovers for you.

The bottom line is this; each case is different. Our firm has seen cases where an insurance company has taken a rear ender type of car accident the court, challenging the nature and extent of injuries, and the reasonableness of medical accident attorneys

The only way to know for sure if you have a good case, is to contact our office. We will tell you over the phone, whether you have a good case or not. You may also consult with other attorneys as well.

There are many factors involved in selecting a good personal injury attorney; Can you communicate with the attorney? Does your attorney call you back in a timely manner? Will the attorney take your case to trial if necessary? Is your attorney available after hours and on the weekends? Is your attorney competent?

You’ll find that the Law Offices Associates, attempts to set itself above the rest. We try to make ourselves available after hours and on the weekends whenever necessary. We make every attempt possible to call our clients back on the same day. We prepare each case as though we were going to trial. We attempt to educate our clients throughout the entire process of prosecuting the case, so that our clients are not in the dark, as to the status of their case. Above all, we are not a settlement mill. We will take your case to trial if that becomes necessary.

It is unethical for any personal injury attorney in this State of California to make any guarantees as to the outcome of your case. Furthermore, since the California State Bar does not certify personal injury as a specialty, it is unethical for any attorney in the state a California to claim that they are specialists in personal injury. Beware of any advertisements from someone claiming to be, or who is in attorney, that holds themselves out to be a specialist in personal injury, or makes any guarantees as to the outcome of your matter. personal injury law

With that being said, our law firm will make one guarantee, we will fight aggressively on your behalf.

You may call us now for a free consultation on your case or you may submit your case through our online legal form for evaluation by clicking here now. You have nothing to lose except the money you may be entitled to in your case!

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